Let’s Welcome Ava Montgomery to GLS Pre-Booking New Orleans Feb 13-14, Destin Feb 16-17 & Naples Florida Mar 1-2

Hello! I’m Ava – Olive skinned , big green eyes, framed with long,blonde hair. Soft and silky to the touch. Petite in frame, with a fierce personality. Forever daring and open in nature. I’ve also been called intelligent, well-spoken and quick-witted.

I take pride in my appearance, and love outdoor activities of various sorts. Hiking, shooting, boxing, running and biking… Activity keeps the mind and body going, both physically and spiritually. Huge sports fan, and risk taker. I gamble on many things in life and I bet I can make our time together exhilarating!

Hopefully this meets all your liking! Lets make a date!!

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Tour Info:
February 2017
7th- 8th New York City, NY.
13th-14th New Orleans, LA
16th-17th Destin, FL.
25th-28th New York City, NY

1st-2nd Naples, FL.
8th-10th New York City, NY.


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