Only Real Men Can Handle | Your New Addiction

Only Real Men Can Handle | Your New Addiction

Everybody has an addiction …mine just happens to be you.

Only Real Men Can Handle | Your New Addiction, is located in the heart of New York City, one of the busiest cities in the world, where time and convenience is everything.
Only Real Men Can Handle is your perfect opportunity to escape and rejuvenate from the everyday city stress in our cozy temple.
Our gorgeous and skilled practitioners are dedicated to bring the VERY BEST for our hardworking men and create environment that meets all your needs and provides you with sessions that meet your desires and leave you wishing for more…
We insure your discretion, complete relaxation where you surrender into our knowledgeable, delicious care … look no further,

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Madison @ XO Companions Pre-Booking Edison, Minneapolis, Ohare, Chicago, Boston, Secaucus, Baltimore & Crystal City Jan 20-Feb 12

Courtney Smith

Secret Benefits

Cordelia Rousseau


Ava Montgomery

Amanda McKnight

Carmen Starr

Ashley Parker

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