Robyn Hunter | NYC GLS Escort

Robyn Hunter | NYC GLS Escort

I am what the kids are calling “pansexual” these days. Meaning, I am attracted to the person, not their gender, or their bits. I like men and women, trans or cis, as well as gender queer folks. I’m thrilled to be alive during a time where there is so much fluidity in our self-expression, and less and less do we need to be constrained by a two party gender system. I have interest in whoever you are, whether you are the most rugged of manly men or the most glamorous of divas, as long as you are doing you. Let’s Welcome Robyn Hunter to Gina’s Little Secret

And while we’re at it, I don’t discriminate based on age (given that you are at least 21), race, religion, size, or ability. Meaning, if you’re wondering if I’ll be attracted to you, answer me this: Are you a human? Are you kind? Are you respectful? Do you follow the golden rule? Are you deeply drawn to me, and the magic we may create together?

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