Thursday Brings “New” Anais & Kate @ Alluring Russians

Thursday Brings “New” Anais & Kate @ Alluring Russians

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Our body rub sessions are like taking a super intimate but very delicious massage from your girlfriend, we are warm, seductive, titillating, affectionate and very attentive to every response from your body. During your body rub, you, and only you will be the very center of our world. You will be pampered, attended to and completely spoiled! We deliver what we promise, no hurry , sensual and blissful full body treatment awaits.


Kristina @ XO Companions Pre-Booking Secaucus, Boston, Ohare, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond, Tyson’s Corner & NYC Aug 28-Sep 27


Courtney Smith

Secret Benefits

Cordelia Rousseau


Ava Montgomery

Amanda McKnight

Carmen Starr

Ashley Parker

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